Whitethorn Fields MediClinic is proud to offer a breast thermography service, in conjunction with Inspired Nutrition and The Natural Doctor in Harley Street. AS SEEN ON THIS MORNING:
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Did you know there were 50,285 new cases of Breast Cancer in the UK in 2011, 11,716 deaths from Breast Cancer in the UK in 2012 and 27% of preventable cases of Breast Cancer in the UK.

Thermography is recommended as an additional to, rather than a replacement for mammograms, which are the standard breast cancer screening tool offered by the NHS. Referrals to Dr Nyjon Eccles can be made if appropriate.

What is Thermography?

Thermography uses an infra-red camera to detect heat and cold in the body and this can be useful in determining clusters of cells that are becoming metabolically overactive. When applied to the breast, it can help to determine breast cancer risk, often before a cancer is large enough to be identified by conventional means. This could result either in earlier treatment, or a window of opportunity. Here dietary and lifestyle interventions are employed to reduce the cancer risk.

Clinical testing looking at bloodwork, vitamin D status, iodine status and oestrogen metabolism may also be considered.

Thermography screening and report: £99
Thermography screening, report and follow up consultation: £195

To book please call the clinic on 01296 614441

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To read further information on Jenny Phillips, our Thermography Practitioner, and her background please click here.