Prominent Ear SurgeryProminent ears may be corrected using a technique whereby the cartilage of the ear is set back. The procedure can be performed under either a general or local anaesthetic, and can be undertaken on an Inpatient basis requiring a one night stay or as an Outpatient.

What happens during the operation?

In this operation the ear cartilage is folded back to allow the ear to sit in a less prominent position. To gain access to the ear cartilage an incision is made behind the ear.

The operation is performed under a local anaesthetic in adults and a general anaesthetic in children. For general anaesthetic the anesthetist will see you and your child before your operation.

Discuss any queries you have about the anaesthetic with your anesthetist. If your child has had any difficulties during a general anaesthetic in the past make sure that both the anesthetist and the ward doctor know about it. There will be a scar behind the ear almost the full length of the ear. This may be visible from behind. Scars start off red and noticeable. With time they tend to fade. They will never vanish and in some people remain noticeable.

After the operation the ears are dressed up in a large protective head bandage. This stays on for a week. It is removed in the plastic surgery department. After it is removed the ears remain tender for a week or two and contact sports or situations where they may get bumped should be avoided. Some people feel comfortable with a soft head band over the ears to sleep for the first while.

*Results will vary from person to person and a thorough in-depth consultation will first take place.