A gentle peel refreshes skin without irritation while a nourishing mask helps to protect skin and restore hydration. Start combating sensitivity with peptides and a botanical stem cell that will help to promote an even skin tone by reducing visible signs of redness. An uplifting eye treatment gives the perfect finish to this gentle yet advanced, restorative treatment.

Hydropeptide Supreme – How it works and what is used

There are many advanced skin care products used in this treatment that will work to boost your skins appearance and complexion, here are some of the main contributors and what they do.

  • Blueberry mask: Pamper your skin with this clay, stem cell and peptide mask laced with a blueberry and vanilla antioxidant blend to leave skin looking even-toned and youthful. The clay extracts impurities without stripping the skin’s moisture barrier as well as enhancing hydration. The plant stem cell helps reduce pro-aging agents and micro-inflammation, helping to protect skin against sensitivity and reduce the appearance of enlarged capillaries. Blueberry and vanilla extracts neutralize free radical damage and contribute antibacterial properties and light hydration.
  • Soothing SerumSoothing Serum: This soothing treatment is formulated with calming, anti-redness peptides and a botanical stem cell that can reduce the appearance of visible redness while helping to comfort sensitive or irritated skin. Additional key ingredients help reduce signs of ageing, strengthen skin’s natural defence systems, restore hydration and promote rapid recovery from skin resurfacing procedures. Consistent use improves the appearance of skin texture                                                                                        and uneven skin tone. (This product is also                                                                                  available for retail sale).
  • eye upliftUplift Comfort Eye Gel: Uplift, smooth and improve the accelerated signs of ageing along the entire eye area including the upper eye lid. This soothing eye gel visibly and gently lifts, tightens and smoothes creepiness, fine lines and wrinkles while reducing puffiness. Peptides and a triple Hyaluronic Acid complex targets ageing on three levels by acting as a topical filler, promoting elasticity and deeply restoring healthy hydration. (This product is also                                                                                          available for retail sale).

Hydropeptide Supreme – Aftercare

After this treatment you will look and feel fabulous. Your skin will have a healthy glow and you will be able to go about your normal daily activities immediately after treatment. We advise our clients to have a Hydropeptide Supreme once a month, however once the skin is healthy and nourished this can be stretched out to every two months as maintenance. We also recommend the use of Hydropeptide skin care products at home in conjunction with your in-clinic treatments. This will not only support the work that is carried out during treatment but it will enhance the results achieved and your skin will continue to repair and rejuvenate in between treatments.

The Hydropeptide Supreme is one of many advanced skin care treatments on offer here at Whitethorn Fields MediClinic in Aylesbury. Whether you have sensitive skin or are looking for something a little stronger, we have options for you here. Come along for a free consultation with one of our Aesthetic Specialists and find out exactly how we can help you, putting together your personalised individual treatment plan.

*Results will vary from person to person and a thorough in-depth consultation will first take place.