Hydropeptide Facial, AylesburyOur Hydropeptide anti ageing skin care facial is perfect for those who want to feel pampered as well as reap the benefits of younger looking skin. Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic in Aylesbury is home to some of the area’s top experts in anti ageing skin care and you will be treated by our qualified professionals in a relaxing and caring environment.

Hydropeptide Anti Ageing Skin Care Facial – what should you expect?

Our expert skin care practitioners will explain to you how the Hydropeptide Anti Ageing Skin Care Facial system works. The system includes the six basic features needed for keeping the skin looking and feeling younger as well as promoting skin health. The skin care and anti ageing range from Hydropeptide has the largest group of peptides that can be found in any range of products (19) and this is in addition to all the other essential skin nutrients that have been included. Our system is very gentle and therefore is suitable for many different skin types. Your practitioner will be happy to reassure you if you have any concerns about this.

Anti-Ageing Hydropeptide Facial, AylesburySo what is a peptide? When having the Hydropeptide Anti Ageing Skin Care Facial, our expert practitioners will explain to you that peptides are known as the ‘cell messengers’. They are used to send messages to the skin’s cells so they can be used to promote the production of collagen, deal with repetitive muscle contractions and encourage the lash follicles, among many other benefits.

Allow an hour for the completion of the Hydropeptide Facial, a treatment which is comfortable and relaxing. Your skin should emerge fresher, cleaner and with a distinct glow and you will return to daily life feeling refreshed and pampered.

Hydropeptide Anti Ageing Skin Care Facial – is it suitable for me?

All staff members at Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic in Aylesbury are qualified to carry out this particular treatment. This means that there is wide choice of appointment times throughout the week so you can choose the time which is most convenient for you.

While one treatment will see great benefits, our experts will advise that for the best results you might want to consider a course of treatments, particularly when it comes to anti-ageing. At your initial appointment, your practitioner will explain the best approach when it comes to skin care for your particular needs. There is no set minimum amount of treatments that you should have and no maximum but as a general rule our experts advise that it is a good idea to have a treatment once a month to ensure that the benefits are maximized.

Following your Hydropeptide Facial your practitioner will also be able to give you advice on how to look after your skin between treatments. Being advised to stay out of the sun is normal as the sun has the ability to damage skin and cause it to age faster. Our staff will also be able to give advice on the best products to use on the skin in between treatments. The facials should be used alongside a good skin care regime and not in place of it.

At Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic in Aylesbury you will find that there are plenty of other anti-ageing treatments that can help to keep you looking younger and boost your confidence so talk to us about using these alongside the Hydropeptide Anti Ageing Skin Care Facial for a whole new you.

*Results will vary from person to person and a thorough in-depth consultation will first take place.