AbdominoplastyThis is a procedure used to remove excess lower abdominal skin and fat and to contour the abdomen. The procedure is often combined with tightening of the abdominal muscle sheath and liposuction. The procedure involves a general anaesthetic and a two night stay in hospital.

Why is an abdominoplasty performed?

Excess skin on the tummy, droopy skin and lax abdominal muscles can occur after dramatic weight loss, multiple pregnancies or twin or triplet pregnancies.

What is involved in the operation?

The operation involves cutting out an ellipse of skin between the pubic bone and the navel (belly button). This takes with it the underlying fat and if necessary tightening of the muscles and liposuction maybe considered at the same time. Once the ellipse of skin has been removed, the skin above the navel is pulled down and stretched towards the skin below the pubic bone and they are stitched together. This skin is pulled down over the belly button and a new hole needs to be made for the belly button to come through. The result is two scars, one along the lower tummy at the level of the pubic hair and another around the navel. The lower scar should be concealed by most styles of underwear and swimwear.

The operation involves a general anaesthetic and a hospital stay of 2 to 4 days. The best results are obtained in patients who are the correct weight for their height and you may be asked to lose weight before surgery is considered. You will be required to sign a consent form giving permission for the operation. This states that you are aware of the risks and complications involved in the procedure.

*Results will vary from person to person and a thorough in-depth consultation will first take place.